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  • Having killer copy that delivers results for your business
  • All you’ll get done when you outsource those blog articles
  • The relief from knowing an important copy project is in good hands

Whether your marketing efforts include traditional advertising, content marketing or both, with Spark Copywriting, you get content that ignites a spark with your audience.

Web copy


You literally have the blink of an eye to engage visitors with your content. Make it happen, and you can educate prospects, generate leads and support customers. Don’t and they’ll move on.

It’s a given that your web copy has to be SEO-friendly to drive traffic to your site. But, from your home page to blog, your content also needs to clearly convince visitors that you can solve their problems.

Landing pages

You’ve gotten the click. Now it’s time to seal the deal, whether it’s scheduling a demo, downloading content or applying for a loan. Each word on your landing page needs to be carefully chosen to drive conversion.

Content marketing

Blogs + newsletters

Got content for every stage of your buyer’s journey? Writing takes time, which most marketers don’t have enough of. Outsource your copy to Spark for high-quality original, curated or repurposed content.

Nurturing emails

Touching your audiences regularly with relevant content inches them toward doing business with you. An effective nurturing email gets readers to watch a video, download an e-book or sign up for a webinar.

Social media

Whether it’s a flock of tweets, a pile of posts or a few well-written LinkedIn articles, Spark can help you maintain an active social presence and drive more traffic to your website.

Persuasive copy

Direct-response email

When it’s time to sell, upsell or cross-sell, Spark knows how to drive response. From subject line and preheader to hero, body copy and call to action, you get content that drives CTRs and other KPIs.


With signs, you have only seconds to grab attention. Too few words and people may not get it. Too many and they pass you by. For billboards, point-of-sale and trade show booths, Spark helps you nail the critical message.


Need impactful copy for your digital, print or social ads? Spark attention with messaging that stands out from the crowd. Got a design team? Let’s work together to brainstorm great creative.

Print + digital collateral

Sales teams often need deeper content than your website provides, especially in complex sales with multi-level decision makers. When your brochures, flyers, data sheets, videos and presentations contain well-crafted copy, they enhance your sales efforts, building confidence in your company and products.

Direct mail

In industries like credit cards, nonprofits and publishing, direct mail is a critical channel. Writing effective direct response copy takes specific tactics and techniques. From postcards and letters to sweepstakes and three-dimensional packages, Spark has years of proven experience creating winning campaigns.

Branding copy

Names + taglines

Beyond being unique, great names take into consideration category descriptors, brand attributes and URLs. As a marketer and copywriter, I’ve named quite a few successful companies and products. If you need a name or tagline, let’s chat.

And the rest

You can also rely on Spark for case studies and testimonials … advertorials … transactional emails … user experience content … press releases … white papers … news and feature articles … greeting cards … marketing strategy … content planning … proofreading … and more.

Need other top-notch talent like graphic or web designers? I can refer you to some awesome resources — or bundle my services with others to deliver a comprehensive creative solution.

You + me

When we decide to work together, we define the project and agree on price. Professionally written copy is an investment — one that’s well worth making. It may be helpful to know that, as a freelancer, my fees are generally much more affordable than traditional agencies.

I make outsourcing easy and help you move your content forward quickly. At project kickoff, I ask a lot of on-point questions. If you have a creative brief, great. If not, we’ll nail down the basics together.

Once you hand off your project, I work autonomously, so you can stay focused on your other work. I commit to budgets and hit deadlines.

Great design deserves great copy. If the writing is less than stellar, the creative isn’t as good as I know it can be. That’s when I turn to Sandy who, with her unique blend of strategy and writing talent, always manages to deliver copy that works for my clients — and I get to be the hero for bringing her in!

Nancy Silverman

Owner, Principal, DanJac Design

Let's discuss your next copy project.