Sometimes words tell a story. Here’s mine.

It started simply enough. I chose marketing as my college major, because it sounded like shopping. And, like many 18-year-old girls, I loved to shop. 

Surprisingly, it was a great fit for me, and for 20+ years I immersed myself in marketing essentials like planning, branding, strategy and targeting. I got to do some awesome things like launch national brands, bring products to market and create an in-house agency.

Along the way, I wrote copy. Lots of it. It turns out I’m pretty good at it, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. As my passion for content grew, I migrated to the agency side, writing for a few  household names like American Express, Save the Children, AAA and Consumer Reports.

Today, as a Boston-based copywriter, I uniquely blend my content and marketing experience to create copy that sparks engagement and action.

The secret I learned along the way

Great copy is always informed by marketing.

The best copywriters:

  • Understand marketing strategy, which helps them create copy that hits the mark
  • Know how to target an audience so their message resonates
  • Get the difference between features and benefits and when to use which, both or neither
  • Strengthen brands by writing in each client’s unique voice and style

A talented writer knows that each word, each phrase and each sentence has a strategic purpose. And when put together just right, the best marketing copy can work magic for your business.

One more thing about me

Clients tell me all the time that I’m easy to work with. I play well with others. And I always show up with a smile. Even on the phone.

One quick meeting and Sandy delivered website copy that was not only well crafted but entirely relatable to my target audience. She even provided an innovative way to grow my practice by offering a free estate planning review with every real estate closing. Just awesome!” ”
Paul Piazza

Principal, Law Offices of Paul Piazza, PC

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