5 Secrets to Hiring the Perfect Copywriter

5 Secrets to Hiring the Perfect Copywriter

It’s time to hire a freelance copywriter. Where do you find a good writer? And how will you know which freelancer is the best fit for your organization and your project?

Here are five essential tips to help you hire the right free copywriter:

1. Match the copywriter to the content type.

Do you need a big idea and persuasive copy written for a marketing campaign? Middleweight content for a newsletter or blog? Or a website overhaul? You’ll want a freelancer who has lots of experience in the type of copy writing you expect to need.

    Next, consider your industry.

If your product is complex or technical in nature, it’s more important to find a copywriter who knows your industry or a similar one. If getting up to speed on your industry is relatively straightforward, prior experience is less critical. In this case, if you need B2B content, be sure the writer’s portfolio has plenty of B2B samples. Same goes for B2C.

    Then look at what’s missing.

Chances are that you have one or more people generating content already. Perhaps it’s even something you do yourself. Assess the strengths of your current writing team and any gaps that may exist. A freelance writer can bring skills that round out your existing expertise.

2. Ask for recommendations.

Get the word out that you’re looking for a freelance copywriter. Your employees, marketing agencies/vendors and other creative freelancers are a great place to start. You may also want to tap your LinkedIn contacts and professional organizations for leads.

3. Take time to meet each freelancer.

After scoping out their websites and making email contact, identify three potential freelancers for 15-minute phone meetings. If you can make them video chats, even better.

The goal of the call is to see what it would be like to work with each other. Be sure to ask about work style, like how they get up-to-speed on new clients.  And don’t forget to share details about your processes and timelines so each writer can assess the fit with you too.

4. Dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Particularly if the writer isn’t a direct referral, email at least one reference. Even though hiring a freelance copywriter is a lower-risk proposition than, say, a new hire, it takes just few minutes to ensure that the candidate — who will have exposure to your hands-on marketing tactics — is legit.

5. Take a test-drive.

Have a small, non-critical assignment at the ready for a freelance copywriter to complete. This exercise lets you assess their talent, fees and work styles. Better to know upfront if it’s not a good fit than in the middle of an important project.

Hiring a freelance copywriter takes a little time, but consider the payoff.  You’re setting both the writer and yourself up for success on the initial project you have in mind.

And, over time, a great copywriter who gets to know your business is an invaluable asset. As a ongoing source of high-quality content, this resource can help you reach both your organizational and professional goals.