Copy that Sparks RESULTS.

Ignite your marketing with Spark Copywriting. With Spark, you get content that engages audiences, converts them to customers and builds brand loyalty.

As a copywriter who’s also a marketer, I know what it takes to turn a casual reader into something more. Striking just the right balance of strategy and creativity, your expertly crafted copy solution will captivate, motivate and cultivate the people you need to reach.

Out to set the world on fire? Sometimes all you need is a spark.

Copywriting solutions

Are you a marketer who needs a steady stream of content? A business owner with no time to write? An agency looking for proven talent? Spark has the answer to your copywriting needs.


Great web copy is one of your most valuable marketing assets. Not only does it help attract and convert prospects, but SEO-friendly content gets your business noticed by even more potential customers.

Content marketing

When you need blogs, articles, case studies and newsletters, a marketing writer knows how to attract a reader’s attention and keep it — while subtly showcasing you as a valuable resource.

Email marketing

It starts with an irresistible subject line that gets your email opened. What follows is compelling messaging that drives click-through and conversion rates.


Ads are like toddlers: both want your attention, the best are delightful and a few make you shudder. With Spark, your digital, social and print advertising attracts the positive attention you’re looking for.

Direct response

When it comes to content for postcards, letters and other mailings, direct response copy is a highly specialized field. Spark is fluent in the techniques that deliver results and beat controls.


From traditional brochures and flyers to trade show graphics and more, a professional copywriter can get your message across clearly and persuasively.

Are we a fit for each other?

Whether it’s a one-time project or ongoing content needs, trust your copy to a highly seasoned professional who works with all types of organizations.

Any industry

I have lots of experience in a wide range of sectors. And I’m known for getting up to speed in a flash.

Any size

Whether a Fortune 500 company or sole proprietor, virtually any organization can benefit from professionally written copy.

Any place

Finding the right writer is all about fit — not distance. Let’s chat by phone, email or video and see what transpires.

Sandy’s marketing fluency makes her a standout copywriter. Because she understands core principles like targeting, USP and branding, the messaging she crafts is on-strategy, engaging and compelling. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
Mike Gilroy

CEO, Springstone Financial, LLC

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